Driveway or pathway full of potholes?

Ensure all potholes are repaired quickly and efficiently by our experienced team at West London Surfacing.

Potholes occur from time to time due to heavy road traffic and general wear and tear over the years. When you notice small potholes appearing in your tarmac paving it is always best to call in the professionals to get it sorted as soon as possible. Neglecting to repair the potholes can result in major work having to take place which can be costly. Because of neglect, sometimes the whole area needs to be re tarmacked simply because of one or two potholes being left.

Don´t let this happen to you, call our experienced team in today!

We use only the best quality bitumen on the market today for every job. Whether you are a comercial, industrial or residential customer, we put in the same attention to detail on each job, bringing you a quality pothole repair service at a competitive price.

Potholes are a nuisance and can make a perfectly well laid road or car park look old and unsightly. The road can also become unused due to motorists avoiding it because of potential damagethat could be caused to their vehicles.

All of our pothole repair work is fully guaranteed. At West London Surfacing we work to your convenience, ensuring  mínimum disruption to your working day.

Operating in London and The Home Counties, our family run business prides itself on our extensive knowledge and experience of all types of resurfacing so give us a call today on 020 8175 9310.

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