Tar and Chip

Car parkTar and Chip, also known as Surface Dressing, is a cost effective and low maintenance choice for surfacing and an ideal way to rejuvenate a tired looking tarmac surface.

Tar and Chip is a common choice for surfacing roads and car parks. It is a low-cost alternative to asphalt which makes it a great, cost effective choice for surfacing driveways.

It has a more natural look than standard tarmac giving your property a more rural feel and can also come in a range of colours and stone sizes to give different looks.

The name Tar and Chip refers to a paving surface made from hot liquid asphalt and loose 'chip' stones.

Benefits of a Tar and Chip surface

There are many benefits to having Tar and Chip surfacing. The major advantages is its  low cost. A Tar and Chip surface dressing is less expensive than replacing the tarmac on a driveway.

Surface dressed Tar and Chip driveways are low maintenance and stay looking great for many years.

A Tar and Chip surface can be normally be installed over the top of an existing driveway or car park.

Tar and Chip has a rough texture, making it an effective non-slip surface making it less slippery for pedestrians and provides better traction for vehicles in snowy, rainy or icy conditions, than other materials such as plain tarmac which can often become slippery when exposed to wet conditions.

Tar and Chip helps create a softer, less industrial look to your property, whilst also adding to the safety and usability of your drive.

Tar and Chip

How it works

The process consists of three main steps:

  • The existing driveway surface is sprayed with a hot coating of bitumen - this is the 'tar' part. Modern bitumen mixes contain advanced polymers that provide a very strong, stable and durable base.
  • Whilst the tar is still very hot, stone chippings are spread evenly over the entire surface. The aim is to provide a full gravel surface with no tar left showing.
  • A compaction roller is applied to the surface to press the aggregate fully into the tar and to ensure a level, even finish.

You can choose the type and colour of chippings you want as your surface dressing - from small gravel all the way up to large granite chips. We can apply the perfect coating to fit in with your property.

Is my property suitable for Tar and Chip Surface Dressing?

We can apply a surface dressing to any existing tarmac driveway, or over a prepared sub-base. Both domestic and commercial surfaces can be improved - private roads, industrial parks, caravan sites and holiday parks are all common clients for this type of finish.

Why Choose West London Surfacing

Here at West London Surfacing, we are expert installers of Tar and Chip, from the design and planning stage to completion. We can use Tar and Chip for smaller jobs, such as driveways and paths, through to large scale public use such as public roadways and car parks.

Our experienced team can install a wide range of surfacing materials to suit every requirement, from hotels, car parks and private roads to heavy duty trafficked areas for commercial use.

We are a family run business who prides itself on our extensive knowledge and experience.

We are fully insured and offer a 14 day cooling off period on all orders.

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14 day cooling off period Competitive prices Established over 20 years 100% customer satisfaction

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